Selecting only top-quality ingredients is the most important theme in the story of our ice cream.

The love and passion we devote to making our artisanal ice cream is one of the main reasons behind our product's great success. We seek out the finest raw materials, sourced from artisans and small producers.

Our ice cream is made fresh every day, using genuine ingredients like organic eggs from barn-reared chickens, locally-produced fresh milk and cream from our region, enriched with carefully-selected products like wonderful round, smooth hazelnuts from the Langhe Piemontesi, lava rock pistachio nuts from Bronte, almonds, selected chocolate and exclusively seasonal fruit.

Fresh and Organic Milk

Only high quality fresh milk, good, natural and organic from farms of our territory.

Panna Cream

To obtain the natural creaminess that is typical of our products, we use only fresh "panna" cream from farms of our territory.


Only eggs from barn-reared chickens with access to large grassy areas cultivated using organic methods.

dried fruit

We devote a great deal of care and attention to excellent Italian products like the smooth, round hazelnuts from the Langhe, lava rock pistachio nuts from Bronte and almonds from Apulia and Sicily.


Our fruit ice creams are made using seasonal fresh fruit, picked only when they reach just the correct stage of ripeness. In this way we respect the natural rhythm of the fruit's development.